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Mold & Biotoxin Bundle with Consultation Call

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“My main goal is to assist you in understanding the incredible advantages of peptide therapy and how to utilisepeptides to improve your overall health, whether you’re recovering from mold illness or dealing with any other healthconcern.”

Jessica Alana is a board-certified health practitioner with a degree in Biomedicine and further certifications in MoldIllness, CIRS and Lyme Disease.

Jessica utilises a multi-therapeutic approach to help manage complex cases and specialises in gut health, toxins,hormones, and, of course, peptide therapy. 


Join us for a 30-minute coaching call, led by Jessica. Once payment is complete, you’ll receive a calendar invitation, allowing you to select a time that suits you best or you can check availability HERE before booking.

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What is a biotoxin illness? 

Have you ever wondered why you feel constantly unwell or fatigued, with brain fog and ‘leaky gut’, even though you can’t pinpoint a specific cause? 

You might be experiencing the effects of a biotoxin illness, also known as Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS), discovered in 1997 by Dr. Shoemaker. 

Biotoxin illness, or CIRS, is a condition that can develop after exposure to mold or Lyme Disease. It’s like your body’s alarm system is stuck in the “on” position,leading to chronic inflammation. 

This ongoing inflammation can make you feel unwell and affect your quality of life.


Surprising sources of mold exposure in the UAE:

Did you know that many people in the UAE are unknowingly exposed to mold in their homes and apartments?

Surprisingly, about half of the households in the UAE have encountered mold, with some cases even showing visible signs on walls and various indoor areas. Thismeans mold could silently creep into your living spaces, posing potential health risks to you and your loved ones.

In places with high humidity, like Dubai and the UAE, moisture becomes a constant companion. And where there’s moisture, mold often follows. 

It’s a natural consequence of the environment.

Mold often lurks in hidden corners, making you sick without realising it. 

Whether from a Water Damaged Building (WDB) or other sources, mold exposure is more common than you might think.


Why is CIRS and mold often misdiagnosed? 

In a revealing 2013 study involving 112 patients with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), 93% of them tested positive for at least one mycotoxin. 

These mycotoxins are substances produced by molds, and their presence was significantly higher in these patients compared to healthy individuals.

This discovery is not an anomaly, and underscores the importance of considering mold as a potential root cause in complex medical cases.

Much like those with CFS, individuals facing a ‘mystery’ range of health issues may receive different diagnoses, some of which may be incorrect. 

However, a promising trend emerges: when these individuals receive treatment for mold-related issues, their conditions often improve dramatically.

So, what are these diagnoses that can be linked to mold illness? 

They include:


Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Multiple Sclerosis.




Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.


Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

Attention Deficit Disorder.


What to do next:

If you suspect that mold might be affecting your health and you’re looking for confirmation through testing and access to treatment, Jessica is here to help. 

“My primary goal is to help you grasp the gravity of Mold Illness and its potential consequences on your well-being. 

It’s an issue that is often misdiagnosed and deserves attention and understanding. 

Together, we’ll delve into the essential tests necessary to confirm Mold Illness and explore the subsequent steps needed for recovery and resolution.”

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with her through our consultation services.

Your well-being matters, and taking action is the first step toward finding answers and regaining your health.