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LL-37 (5MG)

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VIP (5mg)

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30 Minute Coaching Call

Join us for a 30-minute coaching call, led by our experienced peptide specialist. This call offers you the chance to delve into questions about peptide protocols, research, and where to begin. Once payment is complete, you'll receive a calendar invitation, allowing you to select a time that suits you best.

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Mold & Biotoxin Product and Consultation Bundle

Jessica Alana is a board-certified health practitioner with a degree in Biomedicine and further certifications in Mold Illness, CIRS and Lyme Disease. Jessica has created a peptide bundle and consultation offering help anyone with issues related to mold and biotoxins. You will receive 4 peptides VIP, KPV, BPC 157 and Thymosin Alpha 1. Alongside the peptides you will also receive a 30 minute consultation with Jessica.

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    What Our Customers Say

    Read what our lovely customers think of us

    I have been on the brain bioregulator stack and I am definitely feeling the benefits, namely shifting into parasympathetic after a prolonged period of stress. I will be in touch for any add-on peptides you would reccommend for stress resilience and brain function

    Sebastian Barry

    Fitness Coach

    Hi Dean, Thank you so much for sending our purchase out. Again, very professional packaging, good stealth and UV proof bubble wrap. Very very pleased again. This is not standard. Keep up the great work and I am really looking forward to seeing what comes next.

    Oliver Greenwood


    Hey Dean, the GHK-CU is definitely on a whole new level for me. So much better, I only need like a fraction of the dose. This is just an intermediate update I still have to test the BPC but Im very amazed by your product. Thank you so much! I will be passing on your details to a a bunch of my clients

    Daisy Lana

    Health Guru

    Met with Dean who was such a friendly and knowledgeable guy. He filled me with instant confidence with the depth of his knowledge and experience. Searching for new ways to optimize brain health and longevity is my priority and Dean was able to recommend the perfect place to start. The product came in a nicely packaged container and is easy to use. I’m very interested and excited to see how this goes.


    My wife ordered the Pineal bioregulators, they arrived within 24 hours. She had noticed an improvement in sleep quality.

    Alberto Barbieri

    Exceptional service, first-class customer service and an unrivalled product. I've been using them for 2+ years now, and their products are phenomenal. Great team and very quick on the dispatch/delivery too

    Mr Doyle

    Have used them several times for Recovery peptides, 10/10 product and service from start to finish.


    DN Lab Research provides cutting-edge health solutions for people seeking optimal health and wellness. Their dedication to quality and customer satisfaction sets them apart as a trusted provider in the field of peptide therapy. Any of my questions regarding their products or delivery were answered promptly and attentively.

    Catherine Hanson Farid

    Founder Dean has a great knowledge on the subject and has a superior product - I’ve been on the therapy for muscle gain and strength. It working wonders for me

    Kunal Lahori

    UAE peptides have been a game changer in how I feel and perform. As I reach my mid-40s, they've allowed me to keep training at a high level and improve as I age, even with a hectic work schedule. The team truly cares about what they do, which reflects in their professionalism and products.

    Kevin Teixeira

    The most helpful staff and amazing products! I couldn’t ask for more!

    Alison McLaughlin

    Amazing company from the initial consultation, to the peptides I recived within a few day. I have been struggling with my health for two years since covid. Breathing problems, asthma, chronic fatigue, among other things. I was at my wits' end with side effects caused by my prescribed medication. After taking the correct peptides that was advised for my conditions, I can honestly say within the month I felt so much better, my energy was back and I am now nowhere near as fatigued as I have been. I have now come off the majority of my prescribed medication and feel great. I don't know where I would be now, I dred to think, if it wasn't for the help and advice of the team. I will continue to use the peptides, I have had no side affects at all and just feel great. Thank you so much for all your help and advice.

    Donna Boyes

    I had been struggling with my energy levels for some time and also have particularly stiff arthritic hips that often cause pain and throbbing after exercise . Dean from UAE peptides recommended I try the adrenal peptides for a month and the results were incredible for myself almost within a couple of days which was so surprising to me . I had next to no soreness in my joints and felt so much more alert and with more energy on a daily basis .

    Luke Young

    These people are fantastic at what they do. My wife hasn't been well for sometime. We started using these peptides and the difference was unbelievable. Lot's of tests at the hospital to no avail. They advised us on the correct peptides to buy and nothing was a problem. Many thanks to you all, cheers Wayne.

    Wayne Pidd

    Great quality and easy delivery , full support of the team ! My preferred provider for peptides !

    Feruza G

    Need more than 5 Stars for this company, product is extremely effective and you certainly get what you pay for. Dean who owns the company has been nothing but helpful and you never have to wait for your product. Can’t recommend this company enough! Regards Dino Hayes

    Dino Stirling

    Dean was extremely helpful and the servicing was amazing all around.

    Phil M

    Great customer service and next day delivery. love the high quality products. Highly recommend UAE peptides.

    Marc Jason